Our team consists of some of the best…  Og’s and Young Bucks, and it’s still growing.  We’d love to see your video, or just to meet you if you think you’d fit with our team and shop.  So drop by and introduce yourself!!!

Our Skate team consists of:

Glencoe Hogle
Ben Davis
Shayne Eldridge
Colin Passy
Scott Borkowski
Simon Disher
Nathan Brown
Pat O’Conner
Ethan Allen
Photos and Team Bios coming soon!

4 Responses to Team

  1. michael voltsinis says:

    hey im 13 yrs old, i have a pretty gnar sponsor tape ready for you guys if ur interested, i currently only ride for roin clothing, ive come in first in 3 ellesmere skatepark competitions and placed 2nd behind shayne elbrige in the ashbridge rabid games and ive came first for another ashbridges bay cometition, i love skating and gove me a call i can send a my sponsor vid add me on msn ill send u the video

  2. matthew malenko says:

    hi i have a sponsor tape to show so add me on msn or facebook and ill send you the video

  3. michael morkowski says:

    snow team pleaseeeeeeee

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