Cardinal carries a complete selection of decks, trucks and wheels from all your favorite companies, and we get new product in weekly, so you always have fresh wood to choose from!

Decks that we have in stock change so frequently that you may not be able to find what you see on this page still available in the store, but it should give you a good idea of the types and brands of decks that we stock… Also, if there’s a specific deck that you’re looking for, let us know and we can probably get it in for you, usually within a day or two.

Pro Decks – $74.99 (we always have a good selection of pro decks on sale for $60 – $65)
Blank Decks – $39.99 – $49.99

Completes – Range from $99.99 – $174.99 (depending on the components)

New DLX Real and Krooked Decks

New Golden Girl Decks

New Girl Decks

Reazy C - Eazy E Tribute Decks from Real Skateboards

Krooked, Element, and DGK

New ZERO Skateboards

New ZERO Skateboards now in stock!

New Mystery/PlanB Decks in Stock!

New Mystery/PlanB Decks in Stock!

Flip and Element Decks Now in Stock!!!

New Deathwish Decks

9 Responses to Skateboards

  1. vukan says:

    Hey do you sell complete decks or only part by part and do you carry longboards?

  2. vukan says:

    Do you guys have any Enjoi boards in stock?? THANKS!

  3. vukan says:

    Last question what board would suit me best? I like something with good pop, light, and fast. THANKS AGAIN!!!

    • glen says:

      I hate to tell you, but a board is a board… There are different shapes and sizes, and different shapes/sizes may work better or worse for you, but you need to try out some different shapes to know what you like. Try out friends boards, or just try different boards each time you buy one till you find what you like and stick with it… Once you’ve found a shape that you like and you’re used to it, you’ll know what you’re getting every time you buy a new board. The difference in weight from board to board is a couple of ounces, and you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference when you’re skating… Speed is up to your bearings and how hard you can push, and pop is all in your legs – in 20 years of skating, I have yet to find a board that makes me jump higher!

      A lot to chew, I know, but this is what you’ll learn as you’ve been skating for a bit longer… All the companies try to get you to buy their boards by telling you that you’re going to have more pop… But Everybody likes something different from the next guy (or girl)…

      You can either buy a board from the company that you like, or the board that’s treated you the best… There’s really no wrong way to go!


  4. sean says:

    could you guys order in the almost pink tilt deck in?

  5. Flávia says:

    I’m from Brazil and my sister is going to Canada! I’d like to know if you sell other parts of the skate like trucks and wheels and how much are they?
    Thanks a lot.

  6. Sean says:

    How much are your shop decks after taxes?

    • glen says:

      Hey Sean, they’re $50.84 after tax. We have a few left of the old graphic, and the new graphic should be in just in time for March Break

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