Cardinal Skate Co. – Skateboard Christmas Gift Ideas

Cardinal Skate Co. is in the business of helping all you parents out there figure out what to get your kids for Christmas…  We have you covered!  There’s a ton of new stuff that we’ve put up online specifically for Christmas gifts…  The most popular gift the past 2 years in a row have been the Penny Skateboards…  With all the different colours to choose from, and different sizes available, there’s a Penny skateboard that’s right for everyone!  Choose between 22″ and 27″ in a multitude of different colours!  Check out the availability online now, but don’t wait too long… These things tend to sell out the closer you get to Christmas!

We also have listed (with more coming soon) a ton of pre-assembled complete skateboards for beginner skateboarders… These completes offer you an affordable alternative to the entry level complete skateboards that we normally stock that start at $130…  With options starting at around $90, they’re still a huge step up from what you’ll get at the big box stores…  Honestly, your money is much better spent on something that your kid is going to enjoy using!  Have a look at our selection of pre-assembled skateboard completes for kids and beginner skateboarders online

There’s also a new category that we added to the website just for socks!  If you’re going to get your kid socks for Christmas, they might as well be socks that your kid gets stoked on opening on Christmas morning!  Be sure to keep checking in the upcoming weeks as we’ll be adding tons of other great Christmas gift ideas, and doing the work for you…  Cause lets face it, it’s not easy to know what your teenager is going to like, and having a happy kid on Christmas day is what matters most!  Have a look at some of the socks we have available online, we’ll be adding a ton more in the upcoming days!