BLITZART Huracane 38″ Electric Skateboard Review – Best cheap electric skateboard under 1000

BLITZART is a proud USA Company located in Southern California. Its operations are influenced by the simplicity of the longboard and surf lifestyle. With this, the company strives to offer its customers the freedom and feeling of riding high-quality skateboards. It blends comfort and flexibility to provide its customers with nothing short of the best. Its product, Blitzart Huracane 38” Electric Skateboard is one of the best cheap electric skateboard under 1000 that money can get you. Here are the reasons why:

Features and Specifications

Remote Control

Upon purchase, you are awarded a wireless remote control. Its design makes holding it easy. Nevertheless, the work is simplified. Accelerating and decelerating will be effortless. One thing that makes this remote stand out from its competitors is the function to reverse the skateboard.

Modes of Riding

This board is suitable for any rider regardless of their level of skill. The main reason for this is the different modes of riding available. There are settings that will suit your skills, whether you’re a novice or pro. We also love the function that holds the skateboard and makes it easier for beginners to get on and off the board easily.


This board is integrated with a brushless motor, with 350 watts of power. This motor is better as compared to the belt-driven one. An upper hand with the brushless motor over the belt-driven is that the former is quiet and more comfortable to ride as compared to its counterpart.

The Good

Suitable for all riders

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or pro, this skateboard is suited for you.… Read the rest

How to choose Best Cheap electric skateboards under 500$ for Beginner

In today’s era, reaching to the nearest markets has also become quite tricky because of the congested areas and of course, traffic jams. And it is understandable that all cannot afford to purchase a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler to visit the nearest supermarkets or open markets for daily grocery shopping, etc. And even if you have a mode of transportation, you may not feel like riding it because of the traffic jams and the parking space issues. However, there’s one way in which you can now go to your nearest markets without walking or without having to drive your vehicle. Wondering how? Directly purchase the best electric skateboards.

There are many people who do not purchase skateboards just because they think that they’ll need to practice longboard skating to ride this vehicle. But, this is seriously their misconception. Learning to ride such an electric car is not a big deal at all if you follow the instructions given on the package well before usage. So, if you are one of those people who didn’t buy this vehicle just because you thought using it is difficult, then I would say, do buy it. There are many online stores where you can find quality and Cheap Electric Scooters or skateboards that will help you travel at ease.

However, before purchasing these electric skateboards that are also known as electric scooters, here are some essential tips for you so that you can buy the best ones.

How to choose best electric skateboards under 500$ for beginner – A buying guide

Buy The One That Comes With A Warranty

Purchasing an electronic good, without seeing its warranty is utter foolishness.… Read the rest

Cardinal Skate Co. – Thrasher 5 Panel hats available online!

Thrasher Magazine, skateboarding’s bible, has come out with amazing new Thrasher 5 panel hats in Black and Camo, both available in our online store! The 5 Panels have a classic Thrasher logo patch and a strap back enclosure.  Adjustable to fit most head sizes and in 2 dope colourways…  Support your favorite skateboard magazine and pick up one of these amazing new caps! Thrasher magazine brings you issue after issue of the best skateboard content from the best skateboarders, and also yearly events like the King of the Road (one of my favorite videos to watch every year).  They’ve been in the game for several decades and have set the standard for skateboard magazines around the world.… Read the rest

Cardinal Skate Co. – Now carrying Earthwing Longboards

We are stoked to have Earthwing Longboards available online at Cardinal Skate Co.  We will be adding more Earthwing longboard decks to the site in the upcoming days, so keep checking in for new additions.  The new 2014 Earthwing Supermodel 3D Drop is just one of the decks that you can buy online…  It has been redisigned with tons of new features to make it one of the most versatile downhill/freeride longboard decks on the market.  Made with 8 ply maple, and with a generous amount of concave, and “w” shape construction between your feet, it’s super stiff, and suprisingly light…  We also have the Big Hoopty available, which is designed for the avid freerider, built for drifts and slides, the Big Hoopty can handle up to 180mm trucks, and up to 70mm Wheels…… Read the rest

Cardinal Skate Co. – Shop for Oldschool Decks online!

If you’re looking for re-issue skateboards, Cardinal Skate Co is the place to look online in Canada! We can special order any old school or re-issue skateboards. We’ve started listing some of the boards that are available on our shopping cart and will be listing more in the next couple of days. H-street, Vision skateboards, Schmitt Skateboards, and Powell Skateboards are done of the brands that you will find online. H-Street offers a number of boards that are true to the original shapes, numbered decks, and limited edition runs… Don’t pay rediculous eBay prices, get them from a real skate shop! Head over to our online shop to see what’s up and keep checking in to see more boards being added! Some of the boards available are seen below…… Read the rest

Cardinal Skate Co. -Penny Hosoi Graphic 27" Skateboard

Penny Hosoi graphic Nickel 27″ skateboard is available in very limited quantities, we’re taking orders online only, as we expect that they will be gone sometime in the next 24 hours or so….  If you want one, now’s the time to pick one up! The graphic Penny boards come into Canada in very limited quantities, and we will only be able to get our hands on a couple of them at most…  They’re made with the same high quality injection molded plastic deck, powder coated trucks, and 59mm 78a super soft and grippy wheels, with abec 7 bearings.  Don’t buy into all the imitation “penny style” skateboards that you find online, get the real deal!… Read the rest

Cardinal Skate Co. – Oasis Skateboard Factory Decks instore and online

We are proud to announce that we are carrying the new Oasis Skateboard Factory “Skate Rat” decks, which are available both in store and online – and come in 4 sizes from 7.875 t0 8.25.  Oasis Skateboard Factory and Cardinal Skate Co. have partnered in the past with graphic grip tapes that were hand stenciled by the students at the school, and we’re stoked that they have come out with a deck that was designed by the students…  They are all involved in the marketing and selling of the decks, so show your support for this amazing alternative school that we’re lucky to have in the city of Toronto!… Read the rest

Cardinal Skate Co. – Skateboard Christmas Gift Ideas

Cardinal Skate Co. is in the business of helping all you parents out there figure out what to get your kids for Christmas…  We have you covered!  There’s a ton of new stuff that we’ve put up online specifically for Christmas gifts…  The most popular gift the past 2 years in a row have been the Penny Skateboards…  With all the different colours to choose from, and different sizes available, there’s a Penny skateboard that’s right for everyone!  Choose between 22″ and 27″ in a multitude of different colours!  Check out the availability online now, but don’t wait too long… These things tend to sell out the closer you get to Christmas!

We also have listed (with more coming soon) a ton of pre-assembled complete skateboards for beginner skateboarders… These completes offer you an affordable alternative to the entry level complete skateboards that we normally stock that start at $130…  With options starting at around $90, they’re still a huge step up from what you’ll get at the big box stores…  Honestly, your money is much better spent on something that your kid is going to enjoy using!  Have a look at our selection of pre-assembled skateboard completes for kids and beginner skateboarders online

There’s also a new category that we added to the website just for socks!  If you’re going to get your kid socks for Christmas, they might as well be socks that your kid gets stoked on opening on Christmas morning!  Be sure to keep checking in the upcoming weeks as we’ll be adding tons of other great Christmas gift ideas, and doing the work for you…  Cause lets face it, it’s not easy to know what your teenager is going to like, and having a happy kid on Christmas day is what matters most! … Read the rest

Cardinal Skate Co. – Toronto’s skateboard, longboard and roller derby store

This year, our Black Friday sale is running all weekend long!  From November 29th to Monday December 2nd, you can get great deals in store on all in stock merchandise…  No tax on all regular priced merchandise, and up to 70% off selected shoes, hats, pants, tees and sweaters…

Online, we have some great deals on longboards, skateboards, hardgoods, accessories… You can also get free shipping on all orders over $100!!  So come on into the store, or browse our online store get a great deal!… Read the rest

Cardinal Skate Co. – Cyber Monday Sales 20% off everything online!

Today is Cyber Monday! Help us celebrate shopping in the online world by heading over to our online store and getting 20% off everything and anything that we have listed online, and on top of that, FREE SHIPPING to any location in Canada!! Just use the coupon code: cybersal It’s a great opportunity to get some early Christmas shopping done… 20% makes a big difference on that longboard, complete skateboard or any of those large purchases… We’d also like take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the support, and generally the support for small businesses! Small businesses are the lifeblood of every economy, and we’re grateful to be a part of it. Now go buy something!Read the rest

Delivery Information

Cardinal Skate Co. has been functioning online for over 2 years now, and our sister company has been supplying Roller Derby gear online since 2005.  We know what we’re doing, and we take pride in knowing that we offer some of the best customer service in the business.  You can call our store on our toll free number during regular business hours (and sometimes after hours) with any questions or concerns about your order, and you can always speak to either a skateboarder or a derby girl to have your questions answered by a professionally trained staff who is happy to help you!


We ship with Canada post, and ship using expedited service.  Most packages being delivered within Southern Ontario will arrive within 2 business days, while the rest of the country will get their package in less than 5 business days.  Unless you live in the North West Territorries, you guys have to wait around 13 days for your gear…  Sorry!  If you do want your package delivered a little quicker, give us a call or send us an email and we can give you a quote on Express delivery (usually only a couple of bucks more). If you are not there to receive your package, Canada Post will leave a notice on your door for you to pick up at the nearest post office where you will have 15 days to pick up your package.  If you live outside of Canada, you will be contacted after checkout with information regarding additional shipping costs. … Read the rest

About Us

Welcome to Cardinal Skate Co., the newest Toronto skateboard store.  Cardinal Skate Co. is Bloor St.’s only skate shop, and one of only a handful of Roller Derby Stores in Canada, the only one in Toronto.  We are 100% dedicated to the Skateboarders  and Derby enthusiasts in Toronto and the rest of Canada.  We boast a solid team of Skateboarders and sponsor Derby Leagues across the country.  Although Cardinal is on of the newest Toronto Skateboard Stores, opening in April of 2010, we have roots tracing back nearly ten years in these industries.   Cardinal Skate Shop is the result of a merger between Common Ground Skateboard Facility, and  Common Ground was an indoor skateboard park that operated from 2003 til 2006, and was one of the largest and progressive indoor skate parks that Canada has ever seen, hosting a slew of Professional skateboarders like Eric Koston, Dustin Dollin, Mike Vallelly, Jamie Thomas, Rick McCrank, and too many others to name…  With the addition of Roller Derby Gear, we have changed our name to Cardinal Skate Company.  RollerBug, is an online roller skate and derby store that established in 2005, and played a key role in starting the Toronto Roller Derby League and roller derby in Toronto in general.  Now these two businesses operate under the same roof as Cardinal Skate Co.  For more information, and to make online purchases of roller skates, go to the RollerBug site.

Brands that we carry:

Vans, Supra, Lakai, Adidas, Converse, WESC, Macbeth Shoes, RVCA, Rock Parlor, Obey, DVS, Matix, Es, Emerica, Krew, Vox, Reidell, Dominion, Atom, Radar, Sure Grip, Heartless, Pivot Star, Capita, Ride, Union, Drop, IPath, Rebel 8, Toy Machine, Real, Krooked, Deathwish, Zoo York, Baker, Shake Junt, Skate Mental, Girl, Chocolate, ATM, Powell, Spitfire, Independent, Venture, Thunder, Bones Bearings, Gullwing, Destructo, Theeve, Sector 9, Loaded, Palisades, Gravity, G&S, Madrid, Paris, Sabre, Orangatang, and more being added weekly….… Read the rest

Gold Coast Standard Complete Longboard

Gold Coast Standard Complete Longboard

Brand: Gold Coast
Availability: In Stock
Price: $199.99

The Gold Coast Standard Complete pintail longboard is a perfect longboard for beginner to intermediate riders, looking for a board to cruise the streets, or as a commuter…  High quality parts at an affordable price!  We also offer free shipping on all longboards to any destination in Canada!  Check the specs below:

Quick Overview:

-44″ Long x 10″ Wide, 26″ Wheelbase
-8 Ply Maple Construction
-Printed and Die Cut Grip Tape
-Shred Boots Wheels, 70mm 85a
-Century 179mm Reverse Pivot Trucks
-90a Bushings
-4mm Flat Risers
-Genuine GoldCoast ABEC 7 Bearings


Read the rest

Stereo Vinyl Cruiser Cyan CMYK

Stereo Vinyl Cruiser Cyan CMYK

Brand: Stereo
Availability: In Stock
Price: $99.99

Stereo Vinyl Cruiser in Cyan Blue CMYK, bright blue plastic skateboard with multi-coloured wheels, each vinyl cruiser comes standard with stickers and a pair of sunglasses…  Amazing value for your hard earned bread.  Great company, owned by skateboarding legends Jason Lee and Chris Pastras.


  • Molded Traction Top
  • Stereo Coloured Trucks
  • Length: 23″
  • Width: 6″
  • Stereo Vinyl 59mm Wheels
  • Stereo Abec 7 Bearings
  • Stereo Hardware
  • Sunglasses
  • Sticker Pack
  • 45 Logo Key Chain
Read the rest

Praxis Poet Black Synthetic Nubuck

Praxis Poet Black Synthetic Nubuck

Brand: Praxis
Availability: In Stock
Price: $79.99

Available Options

* Mens Shoe Size:
Read the rest

Cardinal Skate Co. – Toronto Skateboard video’s


Check out this clip that popped up, a skateboard video featuring none other than Rob Piontek…  R.I.P buddy, we all miss you…  Be sure to head out to the P-Tek Cup this year in Courtice Ontario on August 18th, one of the best annual skate comps in the running.  We’re also going to have a mini ramp and having a demo out front of the store on the 18th if you’re going to be in the city…  Keep checking in for more skateboard video’s… but in the meantime, peep Rob holding it down!

Common Ground Zero and Mystery Demo with Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, Adrian Lopez, Ryan Smith, Lyndsay Robertson, and more…

We’ll be posting new skateboard videos on the reg’s

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